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Today I ate more than I should have!

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Today Andy came over to spend the day with me.  Before he came, I was up at my usual hour, and had my cereal and banana with milk today (Bran Buds and Quaker Oatmeal Squares).

He didn’t arrive til about 4 hours later.  Just before he came I ate some pineapple.

When he got here it was about noon.  He said he would be here at 11am…and technically he was.  He forgot about daylight savings time…as did I until I turned on the TV when I was eating  breakfast:)  And he was so proud he was on time for once:)   I told him he actually was on time!  And he was rushing around and didn’t eat breakfast except for a banana.  He was hungry.  So we went and grabbed lunch at the Safeway sandwich place.  I had some turkey on a Flat Out wrap with veggies, since I was ready for lunch anyways.

We bummed around Southgate mall for a bit, then went to the Italian Centre Shop.  I bought some olive oil, balsamic vinegar and multigrain bread.  We looked at all the delicious pastries and got some sort of poppy seed thingy and a canolli.  Haven’t had any yet.  Andy decided that we should make Greek salad for dinner.  We picked up some sheep feta and Kalamata olives for the salad, and a loaf of olive cheese bread.  This was the result…I had a small bowl of salad, some bread (I went back for a crust afterwards…bread is my weakness! I also have a chicken drumette from Sobeys…Andy chose those when we went to get a few veg for the salad.

 And now we’re relaxing.  I’m sure I will have a taste of those Italian pastries. I’ll take a picture of them.

  It wasn’t a horrible day of eating, but I feel like I’ve been bad today.:) Well, we all have those days I guess.  Back to tuna and cheese and crackers tomorrow!


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March 14, 2010 at 17:16

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