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This morning I was awake very early as usual.  And breakfast was the same as the past few days:)

You know what it is…yuck that’s a really blurry picture.  Sorry bout that!

I spent the morning washing floors, vacuuming, dusting, and doing laundry.  Productive!

Lunch was cheese and flatbreads with veg again…it was so good yesterday I wanted it again:)

I had an afternoon snack of some fresh pineapple.  I buy it already cut up at Sobey’s just cause I’ve gotten tired of doing it myself (the enzymes in the fruit make my hands burn), and I can buy a small amount.   I also dipped into the baked Kettle chips again.  Darn those things.

And dinner is some brown rice California from the Sobey’s sushi bar.  I’m currently letting the chill come off a little (ice cold sushi is never good), and will go eat as soon as I’m done this post:) This is what I bought for yesterday’s dinner, but didn’t eat.  It’ll still be OK today.

Til tomorrow!


Written by dionenahirnick

March 13, 2010 at 17:03

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