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I love Friday when I have the weekend off:)

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Ah Friday is such a lovely day when you actually don’t have to work the weekend.  I’m always in such a good mood.  I was busy last night with laundry and stuff, so I didn’t post.  Nothing too exciting…I did have some fish and baked sweet potato fries for dinner…it was pretty good.

Breakfast was Oatmeal Squares, Bran Buds, Activia and banana. 

Lunch was flatbreads, Laughing Cow wedges, my usual container of veggies, and a Babybel.  A cheese and cracker lunch.  I’d forgotten how much I just love crackers and cheese for lunch.  Expect to see a lot of it coming up.  That and flatbreads and hummus.  I bought a huge box of flatbreads at Costco a couple months back and just dug into them now.  So yummy with cheese and hummus. 

Afternoon snack was some strawberries.

For dinner, I had a back bacon and egg sandwich on a flax bun.  I did pick up something at the Sobey’s deli, but I got home and REALLY wanted a bacon and egg sandwich.  I’d been craving it for a while.  I do like back bacon (“Canadian” bacon for any Americans reading my blog!), but I do love a good quality thick cut regular bacon the best.  I haven’t had that in a good year or more though.  Unless it’s in my once every couple month Teen Burger from A&W!  Anyways, my sandwich was absolutely delicious. 

I don’t know what my plans are this weekend.  Tomorrow will probably be my catch up on housework and relax day. 

Have a good weekend:)


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March 12, 2010 at 17:40

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