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Sushi night!

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Before I left for work last night, I snacked on some baked Kettle chips…no pics!

First break I had peach/mango tofu…you’ll be seeing a lot of these coming up because they were on sale at Safway and I bought a few…

Second break was for lunch…tuna and Darvida crackers and vegetables with dill pickles…

It was the quietest night of all that I had this stretch…lovely:)  I came home and slept till about 12.  Woke up and had the same breakfast as the day before…Activia, Bran Buds, Quaker Oatmeal Squares and banana…

And then I went out into the beautiful day and took a walk to get my special dinner for tonight!  I also stopped at Sobey’s before hand and stocked up on some veg, egg whites, fruit salad (the Sobey’s has the most beautiful fruit salads and prepared fruit.  Pricey but sometimes I can’t resist), turkey breast and back bacon.  I plan on experimenting with some higher protein breakfasts this week so you won’t see so much cereal.  It’ll still be there, just not every day. 

And onto my delicious dinner…I treated myself to a couple pieces of green onion cake before my main.  Yum.  Love green onion cake.  I had one more piece after this just cause it was so good.  Not healthy, but I feel like treating myself.  My main was a salad of bean sprouts, shredded carrot, and cucumber with a mini California roll.  I had sesame sauce to dip my sushi in.  It’s actually for the salmon rice bowl at the Japanese place I go to, but I love it on my cali roll.

 And now I’ve been watching the Oscars and taking a blogging break during the “less interesting” awards:)

See you tomorrow!

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March 7, 2010 at 20:12

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