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I slept today…yay:)

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Last night was a steady night…nothing weird happening just a constant stream of specimens.  I kind of like it that way, as long as I can still get my  breaks…yes I NEED my breaks or I get very pissed:)

I was HUNGRY at first break (13o am or so)…so I had my tuna, cheddar and vegetables…

Yes, I never get tired of tuna.  I have dozens of cans of different kinds in my pantry.  They’re such an easy and yummy source of protein.

Second break I needed some light carbs…time for a packet of Cream of Wheat…vanilla sugar on top…

I came home, took my pill, and slept INSTANTLY!  I woke up about 1030am to go to the bathroom, and I was just coming back down to bed when my doorbell rang.  Jehovah’s Witnesses were at the door:)  Here I am in my skimpy nightgown, my sleep mask on top of my head, drugged and dizzy, and I answered the door.  Not thinking clearly I guess.  The lady asked me if I had time to talk despite my appearance.  I just said “I’m on night shift and I am going back to bed”.  She handed me an Awake magazine and left.  Honestly, one of these days I do want to spend some time talking to one of them about their reasons for not taking blood transfusion.  As a person in the laboratory field who works in blood bank, I wonder why they’ll take certain components and not others.

Back to bed til 1pm…woke up and had Quaker Oatmeal Squares, Bran Buds, Activia and banana…

After breakfast I went back to bed and slept til 330pm.  Lovely:)

And dinner was the last of my turkey on a flax bun with light spinach cream cheese and vegetables…

Last night shift tonight…yay:)  I can’t wait to come home and sleep.  And then it’s Oscar night tomorrow.  I have to watch them every year.  I’m going to get some sushi and salad for dinner, or maybe go to the Vietnamese noodle house and pick something up.  I will have a delicious dinner and curl up on the couch.

Next week it’ll be back to my normal food and exercise schedule…can’t wait!

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March 6, 2010 at 18:47

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