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When I’m on night shift, I like to eat the same things I eat for lunch…lots of protein and veg with some light carbs and maybe fruit thrown in.

Like my tuna, cheddar and veggies:)  I had this about 130am.

A couple hours later we went for another break and I had some Activia….

We try to get in one more break before the shift ends but it doesn’t always happen, and it didn’t last night.

I’m always starving starting at around 530-6am.  This is when I have breakfast normally.  I try not to eat when I get home, but I’ve found something light keeps me asleep longer, and if I have to eat a couple extra points, so be it.  I had a packet of Cream of Wheat with a sprinkle of vanilla sugar.  It was yummy.  I think I’ll make it my regular bedtime nightshift snack.

And I went to bed about 745.  I tried not taking a sleeping pill like I usually  do.  I don’t have problems falling asleep, it’s staying asleep. I just wasn’t even falling asleep, so I popped my Imovane and drifted of until about 2pm.

Woke up and had this: Corn Bran, Bran Buds, and banana.  I added milk to this.

I had some breakfast for dinner at about 630pm…1/2 sesame bagel with light vegetable cream cheese, scrambled egg (1 whole egg and 1/3 cup egg whites), carrots and cucumber.

I could probably fall asleep right now, I didn’t sleep long enough today.  Can’t wait for the night to begin and be over.  I’m on the blood bank side tonight, which is my least favorite area to work in.  Hope it’s quiet…

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March 4, 2010 at 19:41

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