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Night shift starts tonight….

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Sorry for no post yesterday…I had a session with Gail and then had some dinner.  Then it was time for two hours of “Lost” and then I was too tired to post:)

I start 4 nights starting tonight (11pm to 715am).  I woke up too early of course, and had the last of my Puffins, with the Bran Buds, Activia, and banana…

I managed to fall asleep again for about an hour and a half (from 930 to 11am).  I had some lunch around 12.  Sandwich thin, hummus and veg…

And my last sugar free Jello pudding a couple hours later:)

Dinner was another simple meal of a turkey sandwich….a flax bun with light veggie cream cheese, two ounces of turkey and lettuce…and veggies of course:)

And all I’ve been doing today is resting up for work tonight.  I try to take it easy so I don’t tire  myself out before my first night.  I usually don’t nap (I can’t nap on purpose, the fact I went back to sleep this morning suprized me), so I am up for 24 hours plus my first night.  I honestly don’t know how I manage sometimes considering I’m a very early to bed person, but I do.

Bringing my camera to take pictures tonight of course.  See you tomorrow:)

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March 3, 2010 at 19:21

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