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Back to work Monday…

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Back to work today…

Breakfast…Activia, Puffins, Bran Buds and banana…

Lunch was lemon dill tuna, Balderson cheddar, raw veg, and some pomogranate applesauce for dessert…

Dinner was a proper meal tonight.  I think having this blog will be a good thing for me and encourage me to sit down to hot food on occasion:)  Most of the time I don’t go through too much effort.  Not that this was hard, but even this is more than I usually do.  I had some rice with Bragg’s seasoning and sesame seeds (Rooster brand rice, the best brand, and only available at Superstore), some lemon pepper sole from M and M Meats, and some sauteed zuchinni.  It was a nice filling, and relatively healthy meal.  I have enough left over for tomorrow, so expect the same:)

And I had the last Icy Square from my Christmas stash for dessert….

Yum, I love those things.

No running today…got home late and actually COOKED.  I have a session with Gail tomorrow though.  I can’t wait to see what she has in store.

Tonight on TV I’ll be watching “The Big Bang Theory”.  I love this show, it never fails to make me laugh.  Any fans out there?

Til tomorrow:)

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March 1, 2010 at 18:21

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