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A bittersweet day…

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Today is kind of a bittersweet day…one of those days where you have a great time but in the back of your mind you realize it’s back to the grind tomorrow.  Sometimes working for a living just really sucks:)

I woke up around 7, and had the same breakfast I’ve had the past couple days…:) 

Tomorrow it’s yogurt on the cereal though…I just wanted to use up my milk:)

I then got a call from my mom around 8 asking me if I was busy today.  I had no plans, so she came over and we went to Costco.  I stocked up on my favorite baby cukes and tomatoes, and come yummy looking dried berry mix I thought would be great in some oatmeal.  I really wanted some fresh blueberries and raspberries like I bought last weekend, but there were no berries of any kind in the cooler.  I’ve decided the ONLY time to go to there is Saturday right as it opens, when everything is stocked and fresh.

We shopped at Southgate mall for a while, and had lunch at A&W.  I was so tempted by a Teen Burger and fries and gravy, but I was good and had a grilled chicken sandwich and salad (only 6WW point for that…pretty good).  My mom had the Teen and fries though.  She is maintaining her weight loss very well though, so she could afford the splurge.  I did call her mean however:)  I think in another few weeks it’ll be time to give in to my craving.  I do allow it every couple months.  Sometimes you just have to do it.   And I forgot my camera…no pics.  Sorry:)

And also unpictured was some honey wheat pretzels while watching the Canada/US gold medal game.  I never watch sports, but we decided to watch the last period.  I did call it when I said it would tie at the last second and go into overtime.  But I was wrong when I said the US would win.  I’m such a postive person.  But yay Canada:) 

And dinner was some flax pita and hummus with veg.

So tomorrow it’s back to work (I’m on days tomorrow and Tuesday and nights the rest of the week), so hopefully I’ll remember to bring my camera.

Have a good night.

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February 28, 2010 at 18:44

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