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Hello to my first readers, and welcome to my blog, “Yogurt and Cereal”! So since this is my first post, I guess the thing to do is tell you a little bit about myself and what this blog will be about.

My name is Dione, and I’m a 35 year old medical laboratory technologist from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This involves analysis of blood and other body fluids (not for everyone of course, but someone needs to do it, right?) I work in a hospital, so there is a lot of shift work involved; nights, weekends, holidays etc. After 7 years, I’ve gotten used to it!

In the past year or so, I’ve become very interested in healthy eating and exercise. I have my own little gym in the extra bedroom with a gym quality treadmill, free weights, and stability ball. I also keep a food and exercise journal to keep track of my food and workouts. I also have a personal trainer come to my house every couple weeks to push me along and switch up my program every once in a while.

So on to the purpose of my little blog. After months of reading healthy living blogs, I thought instead of just keeping track in my journal, it might be fun to do it in a blog as well. So I have been taking pictures of all my meals the past couple weeks, just to get used to it. My coworkers have looked at me strangely a couple times when I break out the camera and take pictures of my food, but oh well! They’ll just have to get used to it:) I’m going to try and post once a day, but sometimes life will probably get in the way.

And why “Yogurt and Cereal”? I’m kind of addicted to it for breakfast, and I’m sure that you will get tired of seeing my yogurt and cereal every day (I do switch it up with milk a few times a week, but I really love my vanilla Activia). Maybe having this blog will make me try and vary my breakfasts a little so you guys don’t get too bored:)

Another post later tonight, after dinner!

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February 24, 2010 at 13:31

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  1. Welcome to blogging Dione. I like your title. Lately I’ve been eating healthier and I’m considering joining a gym with my wife April.

    If you don’t mind the name of my blog, stop on by!

    Tom Baker

    February 25, 2010 at 09:02

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